The authentic experience of master plants

Our aim is making sacred plants and psychedelic therapy accesible. Our background is years on spiritual paths, exploring shamanism, trance, transformation of consciousness, now sharing it with you, by storytelling, photography, workshops, training, dietas and expeditions.
Ayahuasca retreat and master plant dietas
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Energy follows attention

Life in the forest community you could be a part of. 

We live off the grid in the jungle in north of Peru, where we work with Shipibo and Matses tribes, holding ayahuasca retreats and dietas with master plants of the Amazon rainforest.

The place is an attempt to build alternative paths of working with medicine. This is not commercial fancy retreat, but rustic place immersed in nature. We work as a collective of experienced guides, facilitators, psychologists and shamans.

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Investigation and practical use of psychoactive and medicinal plants for therapy, personal development and spiritual practice. Rooted in ancient indigenous practices and applied for modern human.