Amy ( USA )

"If you want a radical breakthrough, you need to look for radical solutions”.  After 43 years, I took a leap. A small part of me wishes I would have done this for myself long ago, but when I say small it’s because the profound transformation I have just experienced would not be as it is if I did this sooner. I fully trust the timing and this process as it has unfolded in front of me. It was hands down the most challenging, incredibly difficult journey I have ever had! All of the comfort and distractions of the life I had been living were left behind. I was stripped of all the luxuries of electronics, cleanliness, companionship, and even food (limited per dieta). The days were long and hot, and the nights even longer. I put all of my trust in the power of plants and the jungle. I had never been more afraid and uncomfortable.

By learning to embrace all of it, I was welcomed with groundbreaking results! I have never felt more love for all things and people around me, and most importantly, myself! I think the most important thing I have learned is the beauty of balance. I will always have my trauma. I will have good days and bad days. Balancing the good, bad, hard and easy is the most important key for me.

If you want to know if I am glad that I did this, the answer is a hard YES! If you are curious if I will do it again, in a heartbeat if I feel I need to. The level of difficulty this retreat was is over the top! As transparent as Psychonauta Foundation is, this was truly 100x more challenging than I anticipated and I wouldn’t have changed it for anything!

Rhea ( USA / South Africa )

"I spent 30 days doing a dieta at Psychonauta, with Blez, Luis and the Shamans, Olinda and Esteban.

Overall: I highly recommend this retreat center. I'm filled with gratitude for the medicine and for the incredible people that have dedicated their lives to healing and preserving this important tradition. If you are looking for a safe, reliable and authentic retreat center at affordable rates, this is the place for you! I did not explicitly intend to go for a shamanic apprenticeship, but I got more than I bargained for: by the time I left, not only was I healed (body and mind), I was singing icaros too! The experience was deeply spiritual and profoundly transformational.

Outcomes: There is no way I can describe the extent of my transformation (which is continuing weeks after closing my dieta). This retreat healed decades of trauma, situational depression, chronic insomnia that required prescription medication, chronic back and hip pain, gut issues...the list goes on. Most surprisingly, I tapped into a deep ocean of creativity through music, icaros and storytelling that continues to pour out of me like an endless spring. I am humble, grateful, and joyful, content with what is, and manifesting powerfully.

People: I am so grateful for Blez and Luis, (and Natalia who came later). They are excellent integration coaches, attentive facilitators and were extremely helpful. They are all also incredible people who have taught me so much and inspired me greatly! The shamans Esteban and Olinda were incredible healers. Their gentle energy, love, care, and approach was exactly what I needed. Also, THEY ARE INCREDIBLE SINGERS! If you are looking to learn icaros, these two are truly gifted and are generous in sharing what they know.

Venue: This retreat center gives you everything you need, and not a thing more.That is part of the charm and learning. I deepened my relationship with Mother Earth: I admired the beautiful wooden floor boards, bathed in rain water and washed with Amazonian clay I collected from the river nearby. I spent days drawing leaves and plants, singing to the birds, heard clearly through the permeable walls of my amazing tambo, and nights learning to be at ease with myself and the world around me.

I would definitely return and recommend to anyone beginning a journey with Ayahuasca, or anyone looking to do an authentic longer-term dieta in a safe environment. "


Cas ( the Netherlands )

Now, a month back after my dieta at Psychonauta, I feel deep gratitude, inner peace and more  confidence in who I am. Clearly something has shifted. I have reconnected with my inner  feelings, remembered how to love and experienced what it is like to speak from the heart.  Twenty days in the jungle with the help of the sacred plants and the genuine support of the  Psychonauta team have changed my perception of myself and of my life. 

To get an idea of what the dieta has done for me, here are some personal insights I wrote down  in my journal after the ceremonies. 

“It's about feeling! You are way too stuck in your thinking, in your mind, in concepts, in  thoughts, in expectations, in analyzing, in controlling, in mastering, in understanding. In fact, in  anything that prevents you from feeling. You are too afraid of the real feeling. That's why you  literally swallow your feelings.” 

“If you are true love in essence, and it is insufficiently secured, how can you build on who you  really are? Won't you then model yourself on what others expect of you, do what others like?” 

“When you are in the jungle like this, you are going to understand nature and yourself better and  better. It is an endless cycle of living, surviving and dying. Every organism has its place in it. In  the beginning, you are still afraid of a fleeing lizard or snake. After a while you notice the louder  the dry crackling of leaves, the more scared the animal is. Strangely enough, the smallest  critters are often the most annoying and dangerous ones.” 

“What made me survive in life is my ego. It's also what kept me from living!" 

“You don't have to be afraid of losing your ego at all. It is opening yourself up to your feelings, to  who you are, to others, to the unexpected, to everything that naturally comes your way. To let  go of your ego is to dissolve the separation within yourself and with others. Everything can be  more organic, more natural. You no longer have to prove yourself, want applause, get praise,  raise status. This insight made me emotional. How simple and for me so great.” 

“This immersion in the wild is really different from living in our concrete jungle. We have tried to  minimize the danger and risks in our western society, but at a price. We are not used to  anything anymore and hope that the solutions to all our problems come from outside. In nature,  it comes from within. All you have is yourself. It is up to you how you want to relate to everything  else that is alive and full of energy.” 

I can wholeheartedly recommend the dieta retreats at Psychonauta to anyone looking for  answers that come from within. Blazej, Luis, Natalia, Ines, Joy and the shamans Olinda and  Esteban support and heal you with all their heart and soul. The dieta at Psychonauta is as it has  been done for centuries among the Shipibo tribes: in isolation, strict diet, only doing things that  come from within. The whole experience was more than worth the intensity and roughness: it  gave my life a clear direction, deepened my relationships and gave me the anchor to be able to  trust my inner feelings. I am very grateful to the Psychonauta team from the bottom of my heart! 



Dominika ( Poland )

Sitting in a plane flying from Polish land to south American continent for few hours and seeing only clouds beneath, has already put me in a state of trembling, I started to face the unknown and the undoubtably magnificent power of nature. When finally arriving at Psychonauta’s jungle, I was holding an intention in my heart to reconnect and strengthen my relationship with the Feminine; embodied here, in the land of Pachamama.

What my being often navigated to was overworking, putting to much weight on my back, keeping the: ‘I can do it all and save them all’ mode. Before I came, in this moment of my life, I really felt that it’s time to honor and learn to receive, learn the gentleness, the humidity, the waters of my soul that could be leading to pure and spontaneous creativity; my Yin. After long months of tiredness and overdoing it all on so many levels, I was ready to put myself in a natural washing machine. So I did.

What I was given in the Psychonauta Center was a firm and gentle back to lay on; present and conscious facilitators, wise Shipibo souls, beautiful families flowing with everyday life and the power of surrounding nature.. Jungle, just like a Mother, was teaching me, with no excuses, hour by hour and day by day, how to stand in power as a woman. Sensitive Medicine Mama Aya, incredible spirit of Bobinsana, guides - people, butterflies, spiders, geckos, all the jungle creatures.. Always there for me when I was cracking out of my tough skin layers, when I was stretching the skin of my heart. I felt I have the support of the whole crew - Psychonauta’s team altogether with Madre Selva Jungle; working in synchronization and cooperation. I could sincerely let it go, let go of my constant need to control - events, schedule, the constant ‘I have to do something’ coming from fear and lack of trust.

I’m more than very thankful for the whole process, it was an honor to face my own sensitivity and vulnerability in this environment. I’m here now, on a crossroads of my life I didn’t expect to get to, but I’m loving it. Diving deep into my being, to see what really motivates me to make specific decisions; swimming in the infinite ocean of love and hate - united; being able to emerge in a completely different state, with openness to what is there to come; closer to Myself and the never ending Now.. this happened in the Jungle, after the Jungle and I feel incredibly blessed to be able to learn from that. Still in the echo, still integrating.

Thank you to Natalia, Błażej, Olinda, Esteban and all beautiful Souls creating this Portal on Earth. Dieta in Psychonauta is a valuable beginning of a real-life-diet that comes afterwards. But you begin the upcoming journey of the New with more self-confidence, more life juices, more Trust for what is there, just waiting for you to have the courage to reach it.

Maria-Adelina ( Romania )

"This summer I had 20 days in the Peruvian jungle of complete silence and isolation. With no phones or other distractions but my own thoughts, with no use of shampoo or deodorant or other chemicals but my own body smell, sleeping in a tambo with no walls, no sink, no toilet, no mirror, no electricity - getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. The growth is happening in challenging conditions and the reward is tremendous!

I immersed myself into the wisdom of the sacred plant teachers & the mother of the medicine, The Queen of Amazon. I immersed myself into the blessings of the Shipibo shamans and their healing ceremonies.

One of my biggest accomplishments!
A journey I will never forget!

Most life altering experience, a deep dive into consciousness, an awakening of another Adelina (much stronger, grounded, present, less tears, less emotions), a shift of perception of my fears and traumas.

As Joe Dispenza says: "What if the worst thing that happened to you, can become the best thing that happened for you?" This is a pivotal point we all MUST CHOOSE, so we can transform ourselves.

I bow deeply in intense gratification to the entire team of Psychonauta, especially to Blazej and curanderos Esteban and Olinda. They guided me through so I can find peace in the middle of unknown and discomfort 🌟

I will keep the lessons with gratitude. And I will continue to walk my path brave, but humble!

Jonah ( Israel )

Quite extensive story from completed dieta by Jonah :

"I've been ruminating on reconnecting to social media after 3 weeks of total disconnection from the digital world. One of the things I set an intention to heal is the way I interact with this medium, or to put it more bluntly, to heal my addiction to the screen, the attention, the distraction that this medium provides. Yet, as I sit on a hammock in the Andes and reflect on my experience over the last month, I feel that my healing journey is not something I claim ownership to, and by sharing glimpses of this experience I can extend the healing outwards, share the wisdom I'm being imparted and perhaps one of you who are reading this will resonate and connect and be strengthened in your own path. Aho!

I recently completed a 20 day Ayahuasca Dieta in the Peruvian Amazon. I attended the retreat @psychonauta.club which is led by @blazej.koren.zan, supported by @luis.solarat together with a dedicated, kind and sincere team which created a safe, trusting and supportive environment in which to do the work. Blazej and Luis' unwavering presence, kindness and boundless generosity, together with their deep reverence to the medicine, were an essential foundation of the Dieta and my healing process.

This was no walk in the park. The Dieta requires austere living, there are many limitations - no salt, oil, electricity or connection to the outside world. We were strongly recommended to do as little talking as possible, and even reading is not encouraged. As little input as possible in order to retain clear consciousness. The rules are there to help you make a stronger connection to your plant teachers and maintain a clean and resolute mindspace in which to do the work. And I learned through the daily work that every limitation is a gift to be cherished and honored.

Initially I signed up for 10 days, but after 8 days of intense work with the plants I realized I would be leaving prematurely and decided to continue for the 20 day dieta. This decision was a very important part of the process, it was an embodiment of deeper commitment to the work and to life itself, and for me was a breakthrough. I consciously chose to go deeper, to face hardship, and to connect more deeply with the plants.

Describing the Dieta would be impossible but I can attempt to relay part of the experience - It was like being a monk in the jungle. Every second night we had a ceremony, and in between most of the time was spent alone, each "Diatero" in his or her Tambo (jungle hut, see in picture). Having expressed my intentions for the Dieta, I was assigned my second plant teacher Bobinsana to aid me on my journey. Bobinsana is a bush native to the jungle, and its essence contains properties that connect to the emotional self, to the heart and to dreams. This plant teacher works together with the Maestra (Ayahuasca), and every day that wasn’t ceremony day we were served medicine to our tambos.

The medicine did not spare me any work. In turn, I continued to show up, working hard to honor the dieta and be present, ceremony after ceremony, day after day. I contended with doubts, judgements and fear. I conquered some tests, and failed others. But I always learned. I was shown by the medicine parts of myself that were buried, and strengthened in my ability to choose and act on behalf of what I've learned. I am still very much inside the process, feeling the medicine acting in my soul, mind and body.

If I were to write a whole book about the Dieta, it would still capture only a reflection of the profundity, strength and beauty of the Ayahuasca Dieta and the journey I undertook. Words are a beautiful vehicle and an essential language in which we can express the inner to the outer world. Yet at the same time, they are a limited medium. The plant teachers do not speak in words, their messages arrive in subtler, and sometimes wilder (i.e physical purging) mediums. I spent an eternity exploring my heart, my mind and my life, an eternity connecting to the medicine and its teachings. This eternity is quantified into 20 days, 20 cycles of sunrise and sunset in the jungle. While the temporal measurement of day and night, of minutes and hours and days, is essential for us to live our daily lives around, it is only one aspect of the vast thing which we call time. My 20 days in the jungle to me were an eternity of contemplation and effort and love and connection.

During this time I was in solitude, but not alone. The jungle enveloped me with love, I was just another creature amongst the billions of organisms pulsating and existing in the forest. I was visited by monkeys, toucans, an iguana, bats, butterflies of every imaginable color, and a distinctly pink dragonfly. Waking with the morning rain, going to sleep with the first darkness, and syncing my rhythm to the jungle’s was a beautiful experience I will never forget, and no less medicinal and profoud than the ceremonies themselves.

As the Dieta progressed, the medicine illuminated my inner world in powerful and mysterious ways. I was faced with my social insecurities, with my need to assert boundaries, with relationships that are causing me pain, with emotional blockages, with my strengths and weaknesses. I came to terms with many decisions I made in my life, acknowledging, among other things, where my fear of making choices has affected the concrete outcome of my life so far. I also was able to bring compassion to my past selves, honoring and recognizing that I did my best with the level of awareness and confidence I had. My body, and especially my chest, released a huge amount of pain and pent up emotion, teaching me how much I had stored inside my body, how many boundaries I allowed to be crossed, how much anger and frustration I left unexpressed which in turn stayed in my body, poisoning it. I was shown how strongly I allowed other minds and hearts to affect my inner world and was given a beautiful opportunity to practice boundaries and strengthen my inner temple.

My gratitude to what I have received, to the gifts I have been bestowed, is endless. I commit to the work I've been shown I must do. I commit to the changes I must make, fully aware that they will require sacrifice and moving through pain.

On this planet exist entities that are here to help us, they are here to show us that which is concealed under our identities, our fears, our thought processes. These entities exist in the plants and we are hugely privileged to live in a time where connecting to their wisdom is a viable and concrete option we can choose. I was honored to be allowed to take part in the cooking process, assisting the team in preparing the vine for cooking. I had the humbling and beautiful privilege to sing to the medicine as it was cooking, and on the last ceremony we drank the new (and gorgeously powerful) batch.

I am humbled to be in Peru walking this path. I am grateful for the blessings in my life as well as the challenges, which are concealed blessings if we have the courage to look and bring awareness in their direction. I feel connected, alive and in deep gratitude to the @psychonauta.club staff, to the curanderos Esteban and Olinda who guided us, healed us and lovingly sang to our spirits and bodies, to Blazej, Luis, Jarly, Ines and Joey, to all the seekers that shared their presence, space, love and effort with me. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart."

Gracias Medicina por iluminar mi camino.

Tripp ( USA )

"Blazej, Luis, Esteban, Olinda, and everyone else that accompanied me on my 10 day journey, I extend my deepest gratitude.

This is one of the most genuine, magical places & group of people I have ever had the pleasure of stumbling upon.

Truly off grid. Truly experiencing nature. Truly with your own mind and body.

The level of transformation I have come away with is beyond words.

I had wanted to try Ayahuasca for almost a decade before coming here. I was very hesitant about the culture and practice being corrupted by western capitalism. This place is absolutely, 100% as real as it gets. You can feel the genuine desire to selflessly have a positive impact on people’s lives and the world at large. I love you Psychonauta. Thank you." 

Ben ( UK )

"My time at Psychonauta Foundation has been a profound experience, of course the ayahuasca ceremonies have made such an impact on me, but it’s far more than this alone. The vibe and support when needed Mundo, his family and all the team have created is something I am so grateful for, also to the shamans for such energy and wisdom, add to this the connection to the nature you feel from the moment you walk in through the jungle! At times the most terrifying, yet euphoric experience all rolled into one!

Challenging yet rewarding, I truly feel these 20 days will contribute to my continued pursuit of a balanced understanding of life. I have learned so much about life, nature and its connection to everything! I leave here with a new perspective of life and I cannot wait to live! A special thanks to Pola for being the spirit of the camp, always making me smile in the tough times, I will never forget you all!"

Luc ( NYC )

"A wonderful place for many reasons. First and foremost: you’re going to be okay. If this is your first experience with the medicine - as it was mine - you come hesitating or fearing that things might go wrong. They won’t. Psychonauta Foundation is legit and honest about the process. This is a safe space run by people who have been working with Ayahuasca for years. Its strength is in its simplicity and a straight forward approach of Mundo who is there to help, but also gives you space and time needed to process your experience. The ceremonies led by Olinda and Esteban, the Shipibo Indians, were something extraordinary. This isn’t anything like self-medicating or having fun with psychedelics on a weekend in some Brooklyn apartment and then coming back to the insanity of the world the next day. It’s about the whole experience, the ícaros, the jungle, the moon and the journey to Peru itself. You’re making an effort, a decision that’s not easy to take, but it pays off.

Although my encounters with the medicine were pleasant, most people will most likely have a hard time drinking Ayahuasca, you probably won’t use “pleasant” to describe it, but that’s the sacrifice you have to make to come out a changed man on the other end of the night. That said, what impacted me more during the dieta were the 10 days spent in the jungle hut in silence, detached from the crazy virus-ridden world. Just being there and then, listening to the sounds of the jungle, breathing, being easy. Disconnected from all the distractions, soon the tremors of your everyday life cease, the body and mind truly relax. The dieta felt like a long soothing regenerative sleep."


Otto ( USA )

Very thoughtful and personal story from Otto's dieta experience, not your typical review :

"Dieta or "way of life" in the shipibo tradition is more than dietary restrictions prior to a weekend ayahuasca retreat. "Sama" in the shipibo language or dieta is a traditional spiritual practice of isolation in nature, strict diet of typically only eating small amounts of rice and plantains (no salt or spices), dieting of a specific master plant, ayahuasca ceremonies every other day, and no showering or use of synthetic chemicals/soaps/etc. In this refining, the subtle voices of the plants being consumed so regularly can be heard more fully. Our bodies can reconnect to not only the harmonics of the jungle, but our own nature. The insanity of ego-mind a faint sound in the sea of connection to the plant kingdom. Slowly one begins to develop a deep personal relationship to the plant that is being dieted, one that may not speak in our spoken language but through dreams, waves of emotion in the body, synchronicity, song, patterns of memory. The process works toward integration with the plants as sentient beings, towards union with the spirit of the plants and wholeness of Self.

I arrive in the amazon a bit rushed and exhausted from the flights and insanity of traveling to south america during a pandemic. Never the less, simply taking the collectivo drive from Iquitos deeper in land to nauta, I begin to get a sense of the poetry that will envelop me. I have longed to be back in the jungle since the moment I left my last dieta. Forget the medicine, simply being in the amazon is transcendent in it's own right. There is a symphonic chorus of sound happening at all hours, accompanied by this immense, palpable, spirit of the living and breathing organism that is the ecosystem, the jungle is profoundly alive.

We arrive, get settled, are given our last real meal and the basics of what we need to know for the diet. Something I admire about the man running the retreat; Mundo, is there is no more information, structure, or accommodations given than is necessary. You are given exactly what is needed, and not a razor's edge more. I found so much medicine in this alone. Naturally bringing to light my comforts, and perceived "needs" as slow-acting poison, the first being this "need" to know what's going on, what my plant will be like, etc. You don't need to know. have an experience, simply. Maybe question these needs instead, maybe it is your need to "know" that is the obstruction.

Consider how often our knowledge obstructs and colors the direct experience happening in real time. What is left when I release my grip of knowing? of prediction, of labeling, identifying? Why does ambiguity, mystery, abstraction inspire fear in so many of us? An opportunity to lean into faith, presence, creation. a gift and the first tangible test offered upon arrival.

Maestra Olinda tells me Renaquilla is the name of the plant I will be dieting. Both her and her husband/maestro Esteban offer nothing more than "muy fuerte" and "Muy bonito espiritu" as descriptors of the plant. Feeling into the wisdom of the process I am excited at the prospect of coming into another dieta without prior knowledge of the plant I will be developing my own relationship with.

Sparing the practical details of the experience, I want to write a bit from the perspective of my conscious experience...stream of consciousness style. Instead of offering some bullshit about what I learned, what I think it means, yadda yadda. I find the associations of seemingly "disjointed" thoughts and emotions much more close to the profundity and essence of my dieta experience than giving you the cliff notes as filtered through our system of thought prisons. I hope some of that essence can be felt and captured below...

"Everything eats and is eaten". There is something about sitting in the jungle, alone for a few weeks that makes that phrase palpable. The futility of my ambitions becoming soberingly apparent. Ambition, a god i have worshiped for years, how silly it all seems in the context of eternally spinning dharma. As if there was something to do, cosmic hilarity and ego delirium.

“There is nothing new under the sun, all else is vanity”

A nagging truth that finds itself ringing in my ears, seemly intent on revealing itself in every corner of my experience. There is death in that truth, and also, a vast and profound landscape of freedom and birth. Renaquilla chimes in:

"Death is only tragedy, is only experienced as suffering, in relation to attachment, a game you have a choice to play if you'd like."

The smell of the mud and earth taste a bit sweeter today, as do my emerging pheromones. Something that grounds me when the medicine is coming on strong. Not showering for weeks you'd think the smell would slowly become vile, what I notice is the scent shifts, I begin to notice the scent of the others during ceremony and I am not at all repulsed, a feeling of familiarity and attunement. I feel drastically more connected to my body in this way, not being this object of my consciousness, cut off at the neck, but a living, breathing, speaking self, with its own desires, preferences, dance. I feel this connection to all of my cells. I begin to feel my consciousness coming down from it's ivory tower of separation into harmony with the mud. What a relief, I sob, I sob as i write this, I'm so sick, we are so sick. This insanity of how we live, how sick we are, we diagnose, we seek the exact mechanism of the brain to blame. Could it be us? Could my symptoms be a perfect reflection exactly as they are? In the same way a broken arm tells me to rest, what are our ailments asking of us? The pace of life, our western lives I should say..and the buffet of distractions at our disposal piles on top of us at such a seemingly monotonous pace we are boiled frogs of a spiritual kind. Unaware of the sickness revealing bread crumb trails to our liberation.

Underneath lies a constellation of sadness, grief, anger, some concoction of un-processed life, desperately calling to be unearthed, waiting to show us the way back home. Instead we smother the song, we diagnose this song, we turn our cheek.

Nature waits, unassuming, unconditional, benevolent. This isn't fashion, this isn't the 60's, this is real, undeniable. I have been touched in a way I cannot explain, in a way that when i tune into gratitude and prayer what I feel is almost too much. What I can say is the plants speak, and I just hope I can continue to listen.

That would be progress."

https://www.soulpsyche.org/blog/lessons-from-la-selva )

Nick ( USA / Spain )

"I attended the 40 day's last April and May- I loved every second. This isn't a vacation or some resort, the work is hard but valuable. It's been said in other reviews, but think of a dedicated meditation retreat. There will be ups and downs, in's and out's but introspective work is like that. Los Maestros Esteban y Olinda son incredibles! They truly are loving, powerful teachers. The setting is authentic in this rapidly changing industrialized world, a beautiful jungle. The Psychonauta crew we're incredible and caring, Mundo, Blazej, their families, and Luis felt like friends. They take the time to actually try to help without smothering your process. The food is the traditional type of diet that the Shamans would take, without spices, salt, sugar, oils but it was still delicious- the perfect opportunity to practice mindful eating and savor the flavor of simple foods. I miss you all, I hope you're doing well out there in the amazon! If you actually want to dedicate yourself to this process and your not trying to take some psychedelic vacation, if you seriously want to explore the plant medicine (not just ayahuasca), the living jungle, the traditions, please join Psychonauta- this is the place to go."

Baart ( USA )

"An unforgettable life changing experience. This is not easy, is often uncomfortable, and will challenge you. That said for me the gifts delivered via the process and my personal reasons for being there are invaluable! Tata Mundo, his team, and the amazing Amazon rainforest setting produced for me and my Wife an experience that is so beyond anything I have had before, and it still thankfully sits with us today. This is not a vacation. This is an education, immersion, and an evacuation. I feel blessed to have gone through it."

becca participant of ayahuasca retreat and master plant dieta in psychonauta foundation

Becca ( USA )

"Psychonauta Foundation is exactly what I was looking for in my first dieta/plant medicine experience. Throughout the two weeks I felt safe and secure to dive into my intentions and reasons for being there. I loved my casita and the connection to nature. Psychonauta foundation is authentic and successful in making plant medicine accessible to people regardless of financial means. I would come back here again and again, I have lots of gratitude and love for this place, Mundo who runs it, the volunteers, the powerful shamans who helped guide me, and the people the foundation attracts"

zac participant at ayahuasca retreat in psychonauta foundation

Zac, South Africa

"An absolutely awesome experience, from feelings of “this was the worst decision I have made” to coming out knowing gratefulness, appreciation and acceptance of this magical physical world we are in and the wonderful loving people that we connect with in this most beautiful life!

Mundo and the great Shipibo Shamans bring healing and transformation through sadness, sorrow, joyfulness, love and all the emotions that make us human. Best decision of my life to do this Journey

tomek participant of ayahuasca retreat and master plan dieta in psychonauta foundation

Tomek ( Poland )

"From stress and anxiety to peaceful vibration of the jungle.
From fear through courage to understanding.
From pain through the purge to relief.
From a cold bath in a stream to a cozy hammock in the Tambo.
From suffering through patience to joy.
From blame through humility to compassion.
From shame through acceptance to love.
From oatmeal through oatmeal to oatmeal.
From loneliness through the Medicine to togetherness.
From scepticism through acceptance to awe.
From chaos through discipline to harmony.
From Santa Rosa through the Ucayali to the Amazon.
From the prison of the past and the future to the freedom of here and now.

Those are just a few of the Journeys you can make in Psychonauta. And there are oh-so-many more.
All it takes is a little bit of faith and trust. All the rest is already there:
- Guidance and Safety: Tata Mundo and Blez are great hosts. Open-minded, wise and always ready to tell you what you need to hear. Mindful about the discipline and respect for the Dieta. They know what they're a doing, you're in safe hands from dusk till dawn.

- Care: Volunteers and Staff are beautiful souls who are there not only to help you, but to make you feel like at home. Whether it's food, medicine or what not - they'll be there for you. And, if it comes to that, they will hold your hand when you're scared during Ceremony and they will kick your butt when you're not respecting the Dieta.

- Accommodation: Remote Tambo in the forest, a hammock, a mattress, few candles, water in the stream (and in the shower), sun and stars above you. What else do you really need? The conditions are raw but in there lies the beauty of it. It helps you keep the focus on your path.

- Medicine: The Plants are chosen and brewed with utmost care, respect and knowledge. The Shipibo Shamans are honest, beautiful people who do their work with passion and attention to everyone in the Maloca. Maestro Felipe has unfinished reserves of stamina and spirit. Their Icaros will guide you on your most important journey yet to have.

And when the last day of the Dieta arrives, you realise that you don't want to leave.

From Nauta,
with Love and Gratitude,


elle participant of ayahuasca retreat and master plan dieta in psychonauta foundation

Ellie ( UK )

Two months dieta gives you a lot of time to reflect, so reviews can get longer too. Thanks Ellie for pro work together :

"I chose this place after reading the breakdown of the two month shamanic apprenticeship Master Plant Dieta as I loved the honesty in the words and that nothing was 'sugarcoated'.

I also sent a link to the Shaman I have been working with since I landed on this path and he too gave me his blessing. I am going to be honest, at first, I had doubts. I wasn't sure about the place or the people there for a few different reasons. What I didn't see clearly at the time was that all of my uncertainties came out of my own deep rooted issues, many of them stemming from my very strong ego - it was it piping up and not my true self. After a very short while, I fell in love with every single person who helps run this retreat and those behind its creation.

Every individual is there with their own super unique story and personality. The people behind this retreat are all on their own healing journeys too and this is what propelled them to do this - create a community of people who come together to heal and learn from each other. This is exactly what makes this retreat so special and amazing. I was judgemental without giving myself time and this is an issue I've had for years and thought I had overcome, just to see that I really hadn't. I fell in love with everyone's story, everyone's character, everyone's desire to help and be there for others no matter what they were going through. Every single person from the other people dieting to all the beautiful souls who work there were my teachers and I learned so much from them, but so did they. It was a balanced process in which all of us were exchanging energy, wisdom and knowledge in order to rise together collectively and within our own life’s journeys.

The two months spent with Psychonota Foundation were tough, I am not going to lie. The days can really drag, the lack of food at times (always) is torture, the mosquitoes made my life hell, but every time I was in the ceremonies, I knew exactly why I did this and that the sacrifice was absolutely worth it. You will not find quality ceremonies like these and quality Shamans like these at some of the most expensive retreats out there. One thing no cost or effort has been spared on is this! The retreat is the best quality for money you will ever find for sure. In fact, as I already said, you probably won't find it even if you had much more to spend. This is one area in which no corners are cut and what more important than this?

Every ceremony was pure magic. The Shamans... My God, the shamans are next level. Their passion and love for what they do shines so bright, it illuminates the Universe... The medicine is cooked on the spot and is some of the best medicine you will ever have - top quality and charged with powerful healing energy. The connection I made with the tree I was dieting was so so otherworldly, I can't even describe it to you - you have to go through it to know. I am forever grateful. I was in a great place before this retreat, however I had so many rough edges that totally got smoothed over by this experience. I have never felt more ready to work on my life's mission, but I also recognise that I have to stay dedicated to this path and that the true work really begins after the retreat.

This place is also improving by the hour. Every day I was there, something new was being built or added to improve the facility. The plans the facilitators and owners have for it and shared with me are truly inspiring. These people do this from the heart and have beautiful intentions with which to help the jungle and support the spirits of the plants in this greatest time of need. They surely were called for this work and I feel super honoured to have been with them for these two months. I miss everyone however they are all in my heart forever. I would highly recommend this retreat to everyone. It's tough, but boy is it worth it..."


bartek participant at ayahuasca retreat in psychonauta foundation

Bartek ( UK / Poland )

Two weeks Shipibo diet retreat at Psychonauta was one of the hardest as well as the most beautiful and valuable experiences in my life. From the moment I stepped inside the camp, leaving my comfort zone behind I felt the transformative and purifying energy this place has to offer.

Simple, completely new and a bit strange to the first time jungle visitor as myself, the traditional camp setting turned out to be the most beautiful place I ever stayed in. I am not refering only to the green and vibrant landscape around, but to the reconnection with self, nature and the feeling of freedom it gives. Natural, empty of unnecesary clutter and literally transparent hut I dieted in represents the most valuable state of mind I'd ever wish to remain at.

All the theory and ideas I had about Ayahuasca as a complete newcomer to psychodelic medicine, couldn't ever come close to the real experience of it... an individual experience, that comes deeply from one's soul and is so impossibly difficult to be grasped by the rational mind. That's why it is so hard to write about it and that's why I wholeheartedly wish everyone to experience the medicinal beauty of Mother Ayahuasca first hand in the jungle.

I can't be thankful enough for all the empathy I felt from Mundo, Sylwia, Patrycja, Remik and Ronny who looked after the group during our dietas. Mundo is a beautiful soul, which really comes through during ceremonies. It was mainly thanks to his songs I felt at peace and focussed, which helped me opening up to medicinal force of Icaro songs delivered by the shamans Mundo works with - Maestro Felipe, Maestro Felipe Segundo and Maestra Angela. Again, words cannot describe the beauty of these people and their craft. Each night was like meeting your closest friends and family, sitting around a campfire, singing songs together and sharing the joy of the moment.

Thank you for having me.


eva participant at ayahuasca retreat in psychonauta foundation

Eva ( Australia )

"My time at Psychonauta was life changing. Being immersed in the jungle you are directed inward and given the opportunity to undergo the work you need. The jungle is a master teacher. Along with the Ayahuasca and other plant medicines I learned many profound truths that I will keep with me to guide me in life. The work with the medicine was always with the upmost respect to the plants and Shipibo traditions and in a setting where I felt well cared for and supported by the Psychonauta team."

Maria Luna ( Spain )

"The journey I went on during this retreat is one of the hardest, best things I have ever done. Walking in, I thought I knew what my intentions were, but ended up walking out with way more than I could have imagined.

Mundo has build an amazing home, where people felt like family. Where I created, cried, played and learned tools that I will be using forever. He was also great at knowing when to be there to help, and when I needed to figure it out on my own. And the shamans!! Their voices guided me through darkness and opened up things I didn’t even know I had inside of me!
I could not be more grateful to him, everyone that took care of us and those who went on the journey by my side!"

uve participant of ayahuasca retreat and master plan dieta at psychonauta foundation

Uffe ( Denmark )

"These people know what they're doing. They work with several different Shipibo shamans, and small groups of participants. I highly recommend to begin with a master plant dieta, but the other retreat options are profound and transformative, with deep healing as well."

Kim participant of ayahuasca retreat and master plan dieta at psychonauta foundation

Kim ( USA )

"This was my first dieta and I can't thank the stars enough for aligning so that I landed with Mundo and his team at the Psychonauta Foundation for it. the center is on a beautiful piece of land with rolling hills and winding trails that allowed me to feel really immersed in the jungle while also protected– as well as very secluded in my own little world (ie, jungle hut), really allowing the proper space for the dieta work to come through strong. as seen in the photos, each hut's "walls" are full screens and I loved being able to connect with the beautiful plants, trees, huge butterflies, many birds, and the abundance of life that the jungle is home to– as well as with the weather patterns and changes of light and dark throughout the day and night– it was really quite special. everything is simple and yet perfectly cozy and comfortable, and there's a spirit of love there that's felt– no doubt planted by all of the lovely souls that have graced the place with their presence– and especially by Mundo and his team. everything was done with great integrity and high standards while also having a sense of lightness and joy. we got to make our own medicine, were held in our processes in sacred container, and sat in very powerful ceremonies! after more than 30, these were some of– if not– the most powerful. Maestras Angela and Matilda and Maestros Felipe (father) and Felipe (son)– as well as Mundo– are all incredible healers, each in really unique ways. I'm forever grateful for my experience in dieta with these sacred plants and this whole crew– and so much is continuing to flow through even now, weeks later. truly transformational. thank you thank you thank you!

nik from germany participant at ayahuasca retreat in psychonauta foundation

Nik ( Germany )

"It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. The jungle welcomed me warmly and in harmony. The two weeks, in which I was guided by a extraordinary and lovely Psychonauta team, passed very quickly. With the help of the ajo sacha plant diet and the aya ceremonies (are tremendously powerful), i had the deepest and most wonderful insights and also I received a lot of answers about my life. The visualization of the information received during the ceremonies completes this unique experience lived in the middle of the rainforest. I’m grateful for having this incredible journey and don’ forget: in life we always see ourselves twice 🙂"

kuba participant ayahuasca retreat shipibo dieta

Kuba ( Poland )

"Shipibo Ayahuasca & Master Plant Diet in the middle of November 2019 was my first Ayahuasca experience ever. I came to Psychonauta torned between fear and hope. I was afraid of unknown experience. I thought, that I will spend most of my time there fighting my own demons. I was afraid what will I see, when I let go the control and allow plants and shamans to do their job.… yet nothing like that happed ever. My first ceremony was without the doubt the best experience in my life. After one night I was reborn as a strong man full of self-confidence with open mind and heart ready to work on relationship with my wife and relations with my family.
That superb experience couldn’t happen without great people around me. All Psychonatua staff are fantastic, friendly and open-minded people, ready to help you when you need it. Shamans are incredible very experienced and powerful.
I truly recommend Psychonauta Foundation to anybody willing to have Ayahuasca experience."

shipibo dieta healing in peru hanna participant

Hanna ( Germany )

" Großartige Erfahrung!
Die Gemeinschaft ist sehr nett und aufgeschlossen. Bei den Zeremonien war immer sofort jemand da, wenn Hilfe benötigt wurde. Das Ayahuasca ist sehr stark und wirkungsvoll - richtig gute Medizin. Man lernt hier in nur wenigen Wochen so wahnsinnig viel über sich und das Leben wie ansonsten vielleicht in Jahren (oder auch nicht). Ich bin total dankbar, dass ich diese wundervolle Erfahrung machen durfte. Danke!"

shipibo dieta in peru ola participant

Ola ( Poland )

"I came here for the second time for a month long dieta. I feel here like in the womb of Mother Earth- safe, nourished and connected. Being so close to the nature I learn how be be close to myself. Being isolated and silent I learn to listen- to the surrounding jungle and so to myself. I learn to see the light.
Provided conditions enable the whole process to happen. It's very simple and minimalistic- everything that we really need. Shamans and facilitators are simple and humble Beings, wise and experienced, fully engaged in guiding and passing the knowledge, demanding and protective. Here I know I don't have to fear anything, any darkest jungle in or out of me. I come here to heal."

shipibo dieta in peru closing ritual taking lemon juice

Maria ( Poland )

¨To moja pierwsza wyprawa do dżungli i pierwsze zetkniecie z lokalną, tradycyjną medycyną. Dżungla szokuje i zachwyca. Opieka ze strony organizatorów i wolontariuszy pomaga przejść przez cały proces oczyszczania i odkrywania siebie.
Podobało mi się, że organizatorzy okazują szacunek miejscowej ludności i dbają o środowisko naturalne. Ogromnym plusem jest autentyczność, bez komercji. Wspaniałe przeżycie, chciałabym jeszcze tu wrócić.¨

shipibo dieta peru ayahuasca gabor participant after ayahuasca ceremony

Gabor ( Hungary )

¨I am not a big lord of the words especially writing reviews but I felt it is a must now. As much as this guys did with even their existence it's amazing. They opens space for us to heal ourself and trying to lead to the right way. It is not a retreat but something more to unity and wholeness to me. These are just regular words and there is no meaning until you feel it. If I had anyone with this few words who made their decision to enjoy them than I was done something for the humanity I guess. Not an easy thing, not a weekend party but those who dare it is a life changing "experience". Thank you to you guys I hope meet you soon."

Ksenia ( Russia )

"I haven't been on Shamanic voices retreat. But anyway, I can say only one thing- you and medicine change lives!!!!

My husband came to retreat. I was in Moscow that days (I could not be with you in Peru because of pregnancy and too long flight to your community).
And magic happened not only in jungle, where all community connected.
Even in the other side of the world I felt all your community, all your love, all feelings during using medicine ceremonies !!!
I couldn't even think, that every ceremony night I will feel everything through the cosmic connection with my beloved husband. Every cleaning process I felt right in the same time when it was in community (Moscow and Peru have 8 hours difference). Every ceremony night I woked up at home in the most powerful time, and knew how hard it was to every one at the beginning and how great it was after cure.

My husband changed very much after ceremonies, he really returned to himself. But also me, through his connection with cure, had a lot of experience and many things become clearer, some feelings and connection with myself returned... I feel like I was in connection with cure all that time.

It was awesome!!!! I could not even imagine how powerful is the spirit of the cure!!!

I really recommend you and medicine to most of people."

[ photo by Анастасия Вильна ]

shipibo master plant dieta markham participant from chicago

Markham ( USA )

Support is key in this process. There is no lack of love and desire to set you up for success. The environment holds you like your mother’s womb. At times my linear comprehension of life was shut down and I began to see behind the veil into non linear, non ego thinking. Challenging? It was the hardest experience of my life. Rewarding? Beyond a numerical dollar amount. This is the highest form of technology on the planet administered by the most capable shamans and facilitators in the world. Words cannot convey how deep the process was for me and will be for you. Come prepared to know nothing and absorb everything. This is not recreational but the awesomeness of the experience is profound to say the least. Landing on the moon wasn’t recreational either but I’m sure Armstrong smiles every time he remembers the process. Trust yourself. Trust this place. Trust the moment. All thoughts that arise have meaning. Spend time with yourself. If you choose to go here, consider yourself one of the richest and luckiest people on the planet. Go be apart of human history. GO

shipibo dieta in peru ayahuasca retreat

Cawi ( USA )

"One of the most profound experiences I’ve ever had. I’m still having dreams and feeling positions of power. The facilitator Mr. Mundo did a wonderful job preparing and keeping us grounded for what was to come. His deep insight and experience were very much a part of my ceremony. His advise I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I appreciate that he keeps this experience affordable for people. The shaman to people on the dieta is the highest ratio I’ve ever heard of for a ceremony that was not private. On a more personal note, I wish I could share my healing with all of you... Or you could experience it for yourself. -Love"

shipibo dieta master plant participant evrita peru

Evrita ( Latvia )

"One of the most profound experiences I’ve ever had. I’m still having dreams and feeling positions of power. The facilitator Mr. Mundo did a wonderful job preparing and keeping us grounded for what was to come. His deep insight and experience were very much a part of my ceremony. His advise I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I appreciate that he keeps this experience affordable for people. The shaman to people on the dieta is the highest ratio I’ve ever heard of for a ceremony that was not private. On a more personal note, I wish I could share my healing with all of you... Or you could experience it for yourself. -Love"

shipibo dieta in peru participant matthew

Matthew ( Australia )

"Honestly I don't even know where to begin. I came to Psychonauta Foundation a broken person from things in my past. I left so put together with a level of confidence in myself I have not felt in years. It is truly a magical place and mundu, the sharmans and the staff that help prepare the food for us are all such caring souls, I couldn't be more thankful to everyone who is in some way involved in running this place. If you need healing or a big change in your life I highly recommend this place."

shipibo dieta peru

Ania ( Poland )

"Minęły dwa tygodnie, ja mam wrażenie, ze nadal kawek mnie jest w dżungli.
Tęsknie za nią niemiłosiernie.
Pokochałam dżunglę, ale nie była to miłość łatwa, bez wyrzeczeń, jak to prawdziwa miłość!!!
Czuje się jak noworodek wyciągnięty z łona matki!!!
Nie potrafię nadal opisać słowami tego, co mnie tam spotkało.
Emocje które mi tam towarzyszyły są nie do przerobienia.
Najważniejsze, czułam się tam wspaniale zaopiekowana! Mimo ogromnego strachu i paniki które mnie czasem atakowały, wiedziałam, że jestem otoczona z każdej strony i w każdej chwili wspaniałymi ludźmi- niesamowitymi profesjonalistami!
Po 44 latach mojego pokręconego czasem życia odkryłam to, ŻE WE MNIE JEST CUDOWNOŚĆ.
Wiem, że powinnam tam kiedyś wrócić!!!!¨

participant and shaman shipibo dieta

Agnieszka ( USA )

"I am very happy and grateful I had a chance to follow one of the diets at the pshychonauta foundation. It was a very transformative experience of which benefits I could harvest still long after the end of the diet and that impacted the quality of my life and of people around me. The foundation is run by very knowledgeable, experienced and genuinely caring people that would guide you through the whole process. I would highly recommend it to anybody."