bathe in the world

  Dieta is not just about what you eat. Because not just what you eat makes you who you are. It is about stepping out of ordinary world that is to such an overwhelming extent created and designed by other...

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do I really want to live in nature?

  Nature heals. Better connection with nature. We can hear that all around, it has been adopted from fringe hippie idea into popular, mainstream culture, including language of advertising, trying, as always, to capitalize on new trends. What is that...

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przewodnik ayahuaskowy

  Na stronie ICEERS ( ) opublikowana została polska wersja przewodnika “Ku lepszym praktykom ayahuaskowym” w moim tłumaczeniu, dość obszerne wprowadzenie do bezpiecznej i efektywnej pracy z tą medycyną.  ( ) … International versions of safe ayahuasca practices...

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  Integration. We hear it everywhere, it has become a cliche in psychedelic therapy, everyone agrees, yeah, crucial, so important, but what do they actually mean? There may be many motivations, including hidden fear in therapists who after another cliche...

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honouring indigenous approach to healing

Honoring the Wisdom of Indigenous Peoples with Richard Katz Conversation that may be especially interesting to psychologists entering so called psychedelic renessaince, and how it fails to honour non western, non individualistic approaches, which were actually essence of any existing...

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mother tobacco

as simple

  That teaching that comes from the plants, the most efficient and lasting one, is, in my opinion, not given in rational language of the logos, but rather transmitted like nutrients in milk flowing from earthly mother. It flows in...

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growth and decay

  Growth and death are intertwined in the jungle, and that is a teaching you will not hear from coaches promising to take you ever upwards. Failure to understand it results in anxiety or even panic attacks as the one...

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persona as burden

  There are certain parts of Jung’s work that seem prophetic, considering how different his world had been to what we are experiencing now. I am referring here to his writing about destructive role of excessive attachment to what he...

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dancing with the cross

  Seriousness and piety. Conviction that work with entheogens, previously called psychedelics, to be meaningful, must be a toil full of struggle and suffering seems to be shared by some of “science based” new psychedelic therapy and quasi religious New...

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  It is precisely awareness of impermanence and death that creates imperative of enjoying every moment, fun and joy. This is our main obligation in this life. To feel good and make others feel good in this absurd waiting room...

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humble I-self

  Journey of 40 days dieta is not an easy one. Full of turbulence, full of doubt, weariness, longing, sweat and tears. We do not advertise it in any other way but by honest truth, it would not be fair...

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es mio

  I am observing my daughter claiming “es mio!” ( = it’s mine ) about things taken from someone else, and then desparing when that thing is taken back. I am observing a man who curses his friend for selling...

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tribe is growing

  Our script of life is already written, and we only see it in hindsight, how funny were our human struggles in trying to find that meaning, control that fate, that was formed by each encounter, sometimes absurd and random,...

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a girl named Aya

    There is a certain kind of sad beauty in this paradox, that the substance such as alcohol, considered “part of cultural heritage” and a social binder really rips families apart, and the “dangerous drug” as psychoactive plant medicine...

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plant bath

trust rather than fear

  When we first moved in the jungle with a young baby, the fear, or rather the paranoia was there. How do we stop her from eating from the ground, crawling in chicken shit, being bitten by ants, parasites, snakes,...

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herbal vipassana

  About dieting, one of first experiences, adventure with trickster Joel :   “I convert time into money, I convert time to meaning, I face eternal, obsessive question “is it worth it”, what is “worth”, will that be useful, whether...

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virus as the Other

    Living in constant fear of the Other is directly connected with elimination of Other as equal partner or even teacher and perceiving it as either slave, resource or enemy. This is not a coincidence at all that all...

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I am not that face

  When we say, “this is how I am”, this is “me”, we are creating self limiting cage of what we are not. One could say we basically do that when we say anything, because language is a way of...

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ayahuasca session in tipi europe

Love everything with great abandon

So you are not afraid of Muslims or other illegal immigrants? Now it is the “objective and universal” threat of virus? Fundamental teaching of psychedelic work is that fear is not related, not caused by the object of fear. The...

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taita floro serving ayahuasca

Grounding as the basis of entheogenic shamanism

The further you want to go, the stronger should be the rope anchoring you in your foundations. These foundations are daily life, being in the world, which is testimony for the the thing you claim to be medicine. If you...

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at ayahuasca retreat christopher

My relationship with ayahuasca : Christopher

“Ayahuasca is a process for me of what Ken Wilber would describe as his integral process of psychology and meditation. There are three components : 1) cleaning up ( getting rid of traumas etc ) 2) growing up ( responsibility...

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My relationship with ayahuasca : Marek

“As a 62-years old man, with all the life stress baggage, with health problems accumulating with age, I decided to immerse myself in forest blanket of Amazonian ecosystem. I dreamed of that place ever since reading travel books of my...

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