humble I-self


Journey of 40 days dieta is not an easy one. Full of turbulence, full of doubt, weariness, longing, sweat and tears. We do not advertise it in any other way but by honest truth, it would not be fair to anyone to say otherwise. It may be easier, but that, as so many things in life, depends on attitude as well as element of grace that is given to us from something larger than ourselves.

Karol did amazing work. In times of big challenges, one after another of his flights cancelled, he made it through and stayed, watching others come and go, close their dietas, enjoy their first taste of food. But he has matured immensely during that time, and last night ceremony was a culmination, the strongest of them all – despite trying pure ayahuasca without DMT, what often proves to be big surprise to those thinking it is DMT that gives the power. It was overwhelming, but so different his process, his interaction, his handling of the difficulties from those ceremonies weeks ago. And so have transformed his intentions. From self centered, almost luciferian desire for personal growth and power into compassion for oneself, longing for family members, reconcilliation, forgiveness. From “me” to “us”, from pride to humility and joy.

Sometimes it is a long joy to go back to the beginning, to the basics, to the foundation.

When this understanding is found, tears flow and fertilize the ground for cultivating lasting joy of life.

Years ago I listened to Rasta lyrics teaching “humble I-self and Jah Jah will guide I”. It is in being in service to people such as Karol that this guidance can be found.

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