sweet lightness of being


When we’ve been for a while on exploration on self we probably heard or even sensed ourselves that the solution is to be in the moment. But how do it, if hours and years of navel and breath gazing don’t seem enough?

By giving away. The effort, because that state, when you get there, is actually effortless. But also by giving away the past – what we ve accumulated and achieved, and giving away the future : result, salvation, security.

You become lighter when you give away the burden you thought was your treasure.

Generosity is offering to the present moment, not postponing for later, better opportunity, place, purpose, but giving back into the present situation, people, relations that surround you right now. It is also water for the fire of fear ever ready to burst again and consume you. You give now, without worry what will be later, and without certainty that you will be recompensated. And that is already a mistruth, or truth only in rational terms, because in deeper, spiritual reasoning, on border of faith, you actually know you will be rewarded manifold. How do you know? Because, again, when you look into present moment, you see how kindness transforms into even more gratitude. It is crazy spiral, but unlike the one you have been on with greed, worry and fear, this one is upward, into ecstasy, being drunk with God, whose name is Now.

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