Ayahuasca retreat and master plant dieta in Peru

Ayahuasca retreat in Peru combined with entering the master plant dieta is a way to really get to know the power of Amazonian plants.

There is conviction here in the Amazon that everything can be healed. All illness have a right solution, the only question is time, which must be appropriate for the seriousness of the problem.

There are two formats that we work in, master plant dieta and open ayahuasca retreat. They have their own benefits, dynamics and requirements, please go to relevant section for introduction.

The initial dietas are 10 days long. These are good for simpler plants such as Ajo Sacha (Mansoa Alliacea) or Bobinsana (Calliandra angustifolia), Uña de Gato (Cat’s Claw, Uncaria Tormentoso). Of course, these plants can be dieted for more than 10 days to make the connection stronger.

20 days is the shortest recommended time for the master plant dieta of more demanding plant teachers such as Chiric Sanango (Brunfelsia grandiflora), Chuchuhuasi (Maytenus laevis), Renaco (Renaco vine of love). 

Long term dieta 30 or 40 days allows for dieting powerful trees – palos maestros – such as Noya Rao – (Tree of light), Ayahuma – (Tree of the soul), Ojé (Ficus insipida willd), Chullachaqui caspi (chullachaqui caspi) and many more.

Big trees require time. Don’t be deceived by offers of dieting powerful trees in some places during 10 days. It is not enough to make a proper connection.

We treat each person individually. It is best to contact us with further questions about this program, so we may also see whether it is right for you.

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Use of ayahuasca during the master plant dieta retreat

Ayahuasca is used in the Amazon as one of main master plants. Therefore for healers working here it is a source of knowledge and this is its main function in a master plant dieta. Both for the shaman to know what is going on with his patient. As well as for the guest to be able to recognize patterns inside his body, psyche and soul. Thus this way to have an option of transformation. 

Besides, in the context of dieta ayahuasca allows understanding and strengthening connection with the plant being dieted. All elements work here in synergy, design of master plant dieta, power of psychoactive brew and healing potential of the plants. Therefore, this approach delivers experience much stronger and much more effective than what even very experienced drinkers may know.

Usually ayahuasca taken during the master plant dieta works much more strongly because of better preparation. Psychonauts, sensitized through proper diet and isolation, can dive deeper. Ayahuasca rewards patience, humility and commitment.

How the Shipibo ceremony at ayahuasca retreat looks like?

There are always at least two shamans present in the ayahuasca ceremony, besides experienced facilitators. We have always a female curandera working with us. Assuring that if there is a need for physical treatment for female guests, it can be done in safe and transparent manner.

Shipibo style of ayahuasca ceremony means complete darkness, lack of superfluous gadgets and ornaments. Just you, medicine, and power of multiple songs – icaros weaving the visions, harmony and new, healthy energy patterns.

We strictly follow our security protocol so that every experience can be safe. This protocol consists of many elements developed during hundreds of ceremonies held under our leadership.

During ayahuasca retreat it is an important priority for us to provide participants with a safe space for deep journeys.

Introduction to Samá – master plant dieta

The root of ¨dieta¨ is δίαιτα , which was a Greek word meaning a way of life. This included not only food, but also way of being in the world, way of thinking, relating to environment and others. Samá in the Shipibo language or dieta is a therapeutic and spiritual practice of isolation and working toward integration with plant medicine. 

In the Amazonian tradition it means stepping out of your ordinary daily life and reorganizing it completely with the aim of changing focus and opening new communication – with plants and with yourself. If you want a radical breakthrough, you need to look for radical solutions. 

You may have already drunk ayahuasca or went through some other initiatory experience that hinted you direction to follow. But all seems very complicated, you don´t know where to start, entangled in complexity of your life patterns. 

But there is a way.

It has been tested in history of humanity in various contexts. This is the spiritual practice of separating yourself from social game, from all habits and seeking the voice in the wilderness. Whether it is Jesus conversing with God and Satan in the desert. An Amazonian shaman learning from the plants, or modern man understanding himself better. These may be just cultural ways of attempting to use language to describe similar process.

The only way to understand is to stop thinking and try. This can not only be profound healing, but also an adventure of your life. 

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shipibo shamans keeping ajo sacha roots at psychonauta center in peru

Dieta or Samá in the Shipibo language is an ancient technique of communicating with plants

Master plant dieta leads you to union with the spirit of the plant 

The concept of the dieta in Shipibo and some other Amazonian cultures is learning directly from the plant you are dieting. Receiving messages in order to heal oneself. Learn about reality, and learn tools of medicinal work, especially healing songs called icaros. 

It requires a lot of determination. It is for people dedicated to make a change in their life and in lifes of others. By silencing your mind, switching out external distractions or chaotic energies of everyday life. You can be still enough to hear subtle message, in your dreams, visions or in the forest surrounding you. This is how shamans of these traditions learn.

Specific master plants have their characteristics, some are better for opening heart and emotions. Some give you a solid center and strength, defence against hardships of life. Some make you more focused, able to do what you want but so far only claimed you want, including leaving your addictions. Other can heal stomach problems, rheumatism, depression. You should specify your intentions when applying, and the healer will choose one appropriate. 

How long dieta to choose ?

The initial dietas are 10 days long. These are good for simpler plants such as Ajo Sacha (Mansoa Alliacea) or Bobinsana (Calliandra angustifolia), Uña de Gato (Cat’s Claw, Uncaria Tormentoso). Of course, these plants can be dieted for more than 10 days to make the connection stronger. 

20 days is the shortest recommended time for the master plant dieta of more demanding plant teachers such as Chiric Sanango (Brunfelsia grandiflora), Chuchuhuasi (Maytenus laevis), Renaco (Renaco vine of love)

Long term dieta 30 or 40 days allows for dieting powerful trees – palos maestros – such as Noya Rao – (Tree of light), Ayahuma – (Tree of the soul)Ojé (Ficus insipida willd), Chullachaqui caspi (chullachaqui caspi).

Big trees require time. Don’t be deceived by offers of dieting powerful trees in some places during 10 days. It is not enough to make a proper connection.

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Guides for your plant experience. Who facilitates ayahuasca retreat in Peru at Psychonauta Foundation?

Ayahuasca retreat and master plant dieta is led by a crew of experienced Shipibo shamans. We especially take care to have female maestra present. This is most appreciated by women who often are cautious who they learn from. If there is any physical treatment that needs to be performed at night, during ceremony, female guests are always treated by female healer. 

The healers work with a variety of techniques, ayahuasca ceremonies being only one among them. On each retreat we select those who are in best shape, not affected by routine. 

Male shamans give sense of foundation and stability in the ceremony, as well as power that takes you really deep, while female presence assures empathy, feeling and sensitivity. 

There are also always multilingual Western practitioners present, building a compassionate space and a bridge of understanding between cultures. It is a crew of experienced facilitators, guides and volunteers. 

Check out more about the crew  – >

More details about the master plant dieta process

Dieta starts with flower bath, which purpose is to cleanse and make you more receptible to plant spirits, removing distractions. Your plant can be chosen beforehand, if you specify your intentions, what you want to resolve or learn.

Master plant dieta is formally opened with first ayahuasca ceremony, during which healers will be additionally able to diagnose you, connect with plant being dieted, perhaps also add another one. You will be also able to see with greater clarity and details the issues present in yourself. 

You can diet one of many plant teachers available, such as Ajo Sacha (Mansoa Alliacea), Bobinsana (Calliandra angustifolia), Chiric Sanango (Brunfelsia grandiflora), Chuchuhuasi (Maytenus laevis), Uña de Gato (Cat’s Claw, Uncaria Tormentoso) and many other. You can choose yourself if you are experienced, or healers can help you choose according to your intentions.

After first ceremony you are given first dose of plant. The preparation, amount, frequency, that all depends on type of plant. Some are taken every day apart from the day of ceremony, some just three or four doses in the beginning. They also have different requirements, some are more strict. For example demanding avoiding sun exposure or excessive movements, some more relaxed.

Our team of dedicated staff is available at all times.

Throughout the dieta you are guided and monitored by our crew.  We can help with things coming up, both about your psychological and physical process and sometimes adjust in different ways. This is highly individual, and so makes no sense to give examples here. Small size of group allows us to give enough attention to each guest’s development. 

What is common that all plants have is what Shipibo call shitana, which is negative or dark energy. Proportionally stronger according to medicinal and healing power of the plant. It can be contained with right knowledge and approach. For instance, consciously working with negative thoughts appearing, like inner criticism of someone you know. When you are able to see it and acknowledge, you can transcend from potentially self and other harming pattern to better more aware living

curandera shipiba with bobinsana plant
plant bath during dieta medicine, ayahuasca retreat peru
preparation medicine plant for dieta by shipibo
dieta participant walks in the Amazon forest
dieta hut on ayahuasca retreat in peru at psychonauta foundation tambo singiel person house
ayahuasca ceremony protection ritual

Technically, you spend most of the time in isolation. You will be dieting in a private tambo – forest hut, protected against insects, without electricity. Twice a day, a simple meal will be served. The dieta food is without salt, sugar, spices, oil, no fruits, very limited vegetables. 

You are suggested not to read, use internet, instead to focus on your interior, meditate. You are allowed all activity that does not involve seeking distraction from outside. For example you are encouraged to draw, write, especially note your dreams, do yoga, sing or play instruments. Part of communication with plant spirits happens through musical inspiration. You can take walks in the forest, but avoiding going to village and contact with other humans’ energies.

By stepping out of your ordinary daily trance you may gain new perspective. 

It is a form of isolation, a process of symbolic burial, permission to let the old patterns die, and the new path to be revealed. What is worth emphasizing again, it is a certain sacrifice in order to truly change and learn. This process can be compared in some ways with vipassana. However focus here, apart from own self understanding, is to connect too with plant energies.  

Our ayahuasca retreat program allows you to rest after each ceremony

The ceremonies are held in a place called maloka – the traditional meeting place. It is attended by participants, shamans and facilitators, and it happen every second day to allow integrating experience and physical rest. Final ceremony of master plant dieta includes sealing of energies and placing protective arkanas. These special icaros are supposed to guard results of your diet and permanent connection with the plant.

You are instructed about post dieta period, during which we are also available for online consultations.

Reasons to join dieta with us : How can we help

In conclusion, learning and healing are inherently connected. Most of healers began by dealing with their own troubles, or those of someone in their family. But even if you are not considering at all pursuing this path, healing is a long process of discovery, untangling and undoing of roots and deep causes. That result in both somatic and psychological obstacles blocking healthy living, growth and happiness. 

With help of ayahuasca you will discovering mysteries of your own life. You will getting rid of trauma hidden in unconscious, becoming master of your own fate. It does not mean that you will become immune to sadness or suffering. But you will able to do more conscious choices, rather than be driven be causes beyond your understanding. 

The master or teacher plants will do their part in healing the symptoms. For example cleansing your organism, including physical purge of negative energies accumulated during years of neglect.

These traditional treatments consisting of ayahuasca retreat and a master plant dieta is effective for and have worked before on our guests with issues such as :

  • Addictions : to substances as well as other addictive behaviors– sex, gambling, pornography, workaholism
  • Depression – often years long, medicated with pharmaceutical substances without any big success
  • Lack of sense of life purpose / meaning. Feeling lost and confused, in transition, uncertain
  • Anxiety, constant living in past or future
  • Difficulties in emotional opening, relations with family / partners
  • Low self esteem, pathological introversion.
  • Anger, excess of control
  • Consequences of trauma, sexual abuse, childhood neglect,
  • stressful lifestyle 
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10, 20, 30 or 40 day ayahuasca retreat and master plant dieta in Peru

This is an intimate dieta structured in a traditional style in a family camp, in a small group, under care of healers from the Shipibo tribe and a western team of facilitators.

We invite you to a transformation process happening in isolation, a kind of shamanic vipassana that enables contact with spirits of healing plants, better understanding of oneself and roots of own problems, getting rid of things blocking you from moving forward and finding onward path in life.

Dieta is a remarkable tool for improving mental and physical well-being. It is also a fundamental step on path of shamanic apprenticeship, so if you feel a calling for learning craft of the healer, also good to put it to the test.

If there is anything unclear or anything more you need to know, write us a message. We will love to go into details. It is important to be aware what is ayahuasca retreat and master plant dieta before signing up.

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