Important information

1. Flights

From Lima –  Iquitos – the best to fly by Latam company.

It is also worth sometimes to book whole journey on one ticket, with transit in Lima, because when there is a delay or lost luggage the airlines will cooperate to get you to Iquitos. If you plan to travel in Peru afterwards this may not be a good option because you would have to come back to Iquitos to start return journey.

You should be arriving in Iquitos latest at 12.00 AM on the day of start of retreat, or day before. Meeting place is 1 PM in airport cafeteria.

2. What to bring

– very light sleeping bag
– light clothes  It is hot or warm all the time, in the night after heavy rain temperature can drop a bit, but normal sleeping bag could still be to warm.
– torch, best headlamp, with an option of red light to be used during ceremonies
– small towel
– in case of diarrhea, natural remedy such as coal
– travel insurance
– rubber boots for mud can be also useful, but easy to purchase locally (not necessarily needed)
– mosquito spray, but unless you are very sensitive, it is best to avoid using any chemical products (not necessarily needed)
– personal items such as contact lenses e.t.c

3. General information about jungle settlement

Each diet participant provides a private one-person wooden house, mattress, pillow, mosquito net, hammock and candles. Ecological shower and shared toilet. Charging electronics is only allowed in case of emergency, we do not allow use of phones during dieta. We collect water for bathing from rain and filter it with a specialized filter. We try to live as close to nature as possible, without disturbing its rhythm. We ask our guests not to bring unnecessary garbage.

4. Preparation

The most important is stopping strong psychoactive substances and pharmaceutical drugs, especially antidepressants, the latter at least two weeks before. It is better to be physically clean so that there is less work on that during ceremonies. One should quit also alcohol and pork, the sooner the better. Few days before things like chocolate, excessive sugar, fried and processed foods, coffee and cannabis are not recommended.

If any vaccinations are planned before traveling, good to schedule them few weeks before.
Malaria drugs are not recommended, risk is low and side effects from some of this medication can be unpleasant.

Very important is psychological preparation, that includes focusing on your intentions for dieta, the more precise they are, more efficient can be your work during the process. It good to stick also to mental hygiene before diet, that includes questionable ethical behaviors, especially unhealthy sex practices that can trouble your conscience during isolation period ( you will feel best what that means for you ), but also avoid unnecessary contamination from excess of electronic media, junk entertainment etc.

5. During the dieta

No salt, spices, fats. Very limited stimulation, both in food, contact with others, we are not recommending too much reading or recorded music, no phone or internet is allowed. One can practice yoga, meditate, play instrument, draw, write. Minimum of cosmetics, shampoo etc, best is natural toothpaste (for example coconut oil and soda). No snacking etc. No drugs of any kind.