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28 SEP - 04 OCT 2023

7 days social ayahuasca retreat / details below


05 OCT - 11 OCT 2023

7 days social ayahuasca retreat / details below



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For those who are interested in our work, but not ready to commit for longer, or not ready for sacrifice and restrictions of master plant dieta, we are offering these social retreats in brand new branch of Psychonauta, called Psychonauta Family.

This is a place where stress is placed upon relational aspect of healing and growth, rather than personal development, self centered fixing of “my big problem”, we open our eyes to the beauty of connection itself, try to see what we are sharing with others, including our burdens, how we can help them, rather than always seek help, but most of all, simply be together in the experience, what is so often missing in modern world.

The purpose of these events is also to direct people who want to experience ayahuasca in jungle setting with us, but are not sure if they can manage a degree of solitude and austerity that is essential in master plant dieta properly done. Now hopefully each will choose according to their commitment and intention.

In 7 days, you get to participate in 3 ayahuasca ceremonies, at a cost 600 USD* , considerably lower than our initial 10 days dieta. ( If you need longer stay, you can also book more retreats back to back. )

You are allowed to socialize with others throughout the whole event, we have daily sharing circles, processing what happened, listening to your stories. There will be a lot of music, fresh food, including what we don’t serve in strict dieta, like fruits. There is also access to wifi and solar panel energy to charge your devices, if you need to stay in touch with outside world.

This is designed to be a family gathering, that means that kids are also welcome, but most of all, that we build content together, so don’t expect rigid touristic schedule, like “it is 10 AM, so we have yoga class in program”. You want yoga? We have a instructor on board, you can get together and practice, but if you want to hang out in hammock in that time, reading book, that is fine. No pressure on both sides.  We can explore vast forest in our backyard, can do a river trip to search for pink dolphins, there are many options.


Psychonauta Family means meeting of tradition and experiment, means celebration, dance, fire in the end of each ceremony, means watermelon when you are coming down from ayahuasca journey and playing with local kids in the morning.

Retreat itself is priced very reasonably, you are unlikely to encounter similar kind of event at 600 USD all included from pick up in Iquitos airport.
Spots are very limited, so do not hesitate too long.
Reservations are done by email to

Included :

– 3 ayahuasca ceremonies with two shamans, Maestro Francisco and Tata Mundo.
– integration / sharing circles.
– all meals designed with ayahuasca in mind
– transfers from and back to Iquitos
– shared accommodation for the group ( *if there is availability, private accommodation in 2 person bungalows is possible at additional 250 USD per person  )


There are possibilities of longer stay in the jungle, different medicines to try, or even custom made retreats for your group or family.

inside the maloca, psychonauta foundation
meditation session in front of the forest
ayahuasca retreat peru art shipibo