a girl named Aya



There is a certain kind of sad beauty in this paradox, that the substance such as alcohol, considered “part of cultural heritage” and a social binder really rips families apart, and the “dangerous drug” as psychoactive plant medicine is perceived by a dominant part of modern society suffering from disconnection, carries potential of healing beyond fixing of broken individual – healing by reconstruction of broken bonds, building new ones, understanding limitation of greed, self centered drives of ego, all of of the obstacles standing in the way of real family. That is the “foundation” Psychonauta Foundation is about : we do not drink ayahuasca to escape this reality into exotic, cosmic realms. The mystery is in the everyday reality – transformed into paradise by shift of awareness. The mystery is in taking care for each other, giving not as a part of rational trade, but selfless – I make myself less for “us” to grow. This is how we can undo curse of generations, and, not because we have to, but because we want – be with the others and make new life happen.

The actual work was done by someone else 🙂 , but we are happy to have been assisting in part of that process, during plant dieta two years ago, with intention of strengthening the love and calling new life to this family. Time has passed since a spiritual marriage ceremony was done in the end of their dieta and a few days ago, a girl was born. Her name is Aya.

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