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About dieting, one of first experiences, adventure with trickster Joel :


“I convert time into money, I convert time to meaning, I face eternal, obsessive question “is it worth it”, what is “worth”, will that be useful, whether learning/experience “here” will be of any use “out there”, outside. Absurd calculations of the anxious mind.

Sunday, 28.09. Non-action is hard. Cigarette, food take meaning as fulfillment of the void. Pen, paper, handmade calendar – reference to the world of meaning, to “out there” and “after”, to action justified, because after I have written something here, someone will read that later, “something” will come out of it. Always a hunger for purpose. I am far from the patience of mandalas’ builders.

If this piece of paper is escape from non-acting, from meditation, feeling and mindfulness, therefore script, as writing down of thoughts, is a translation of experience rather than experiencing itself, against it. This is a murderer of what Terence McKenna calls “felt presence of immediate experience”.


 I notice important thing. Hardly anything changes objectively, outside of me, in the realm of things and events, during these last few days, and I already see a certain pattern – my mood changes constantly, dependent on thoughts, plans, hopes – not that what there is – and even more affected by small stimuli from what actually happens – for example the plant induced – like yerba mate I have drunk, mapacho I have smoked, food I have eaten, shit, bath. Vibrating process, reflected in the mirror of consciousness. Sometimes action movie, sometimes Tarkowski’s long take.”


 full story : http://blog.swiatoslaw.com/?p=8652


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