bathe in the world


Dieta is not just about what you eat. Because not just what you eat makes you who you are. It is about stepping out of ordinary world that is to such an overwhelming extent created and designed by other human beings, that we no longer know who we are in the matrix of nature, our home for hundreds of thousands of years.

Purify your digital garbage, chatter of the overstimulated mind, step into the body. Step into water that has never passed through tubes, water that carries forest inside. Expose your skin, take the plastic off. Unwear the artificial scents you have protected yourself with, creams, sprays, lotions. Make friends with your sweat. Observe your shit, how it changes when you change what you welcome inside. See how your body changes, when you break the addiction to soaps and shampoos your dealers trained you to perceive as necessary.

Touch the soil, walk barefoot.

The medicine is not just in the substance you ingest. It is in water, air, fire and earth. In the world your ego has been trying to shield you from with fear, until you see nothing else but ego itself and its overblown problems.

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