My relationship with ayahuasca : Marek

“As a 62-years old man, with all the life stress baggage, with health problems accumulating with age, I decided to immerse myself in forest blanket of Amazonian ecosystem. I dreamed of that place ever since reading travel books of my youth.

I lived through wonderful nights, full of jungle life, absorbing them with all my senses. I have been following Shipibo diet, which cured my stomach problems. I surrendered my body and my psyche into hands of Shipibo healers. I did that because I believe in their ancient tradition of herbal cures from this largest store of plants in the world.

Melodious icaros of Shipibo shamans, individually selected for me, brought back my inner peace, that was lacking for a long time, in a mysterious way healing years old stress of professional sphere and traumatic events of recent years of my life. The plant based rape snuff after only one application helped with bleeding problems of my nose. Plant brew brought back full hearing in my left ear, also after just one session. I can finally hear normally, first time in months. Laryngologist in several visit was not able to help me, only suggesting operation.

These two weeks allowed me to isolate from exterior negative influences of everyday life, to regain peace and harmony. I improved my sensitivity to life surrounding me. These two wonderful weeks, with friendly hosts and metaphysical practices of Shipibo were great experience, which resulted in comfort of returning to full physical abilities and spiritual sensitivity.”

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